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Certified Bakery Specialist


Earn your letters and become a Certified Bakery Specialist (CBS). This designation provides a recognizable standard of qualifications and experience for Canadian bakers. Bakers, who successfully achieve certification requirements, will receive a diploma suitable for framing, and may use the designation CBS after their names. Upon receipt of registration and payment of the appropriate fee, your credentials will be evaluated by the BAC’s certification committee. You will then be advised as to what requirements you must meet to earn the CBS designation.

CBS General Requirements*

  1. A minimum of 5 years acceptable industry experience (must include extensive hands on work in the preparation and production of a FULL range of bakery products – breads, cakes, pastries).
  2. Successful completion of recognized provincial apprenticeship or equivalent from another country OR Successful completion of BAC course, Bakery Technology, Units I, II, and III.
  3. Successful completion of the following BAC correspondence courses: Food Hazard Control; Occupational Health & Safety; Operating A Successful Bakery OR Documented equivalent training/experience.

* Candidate’s credentials will be evaluated and CBS requirements established on an individual basis. The majority of CBS graduates have had to complete a minimum of one BAC correspondence course.


Complete the application form, enclose a copy of your resume or work history, copies of all your certificates/diplomas, and a reference letter from your employer.

Do not send original documents, as they will be retained by Baking Association of Canada.

Send these along with payment in the amount of $50.00 plus GST or HST to association office. If your qualifications are from another country, please include translation of certificates, diplomas or credentials that are not in English or French.